Working in the Coal Mine With $250,000 for Mining Supplier

Congratulations John Drum, Senior Funding Manager of Amerifi, securing a quarter million dollars for a returning client of ours in 24 hours.

Our client is in the market servicing it’s customers with Coal Mine supplies for Tool Mining projects like Mine doors and Air Lock doors, Miner bits, Pumping & Shooting Equipment & much more. With just 5 years in the business our client is climbing the ranks to the top distributors with over $4mm in revenues and growing fast.

Funds were used to stock inventory & fill orders heading into the winter season & to support it’s companies growth.

Client has maxed out his bank line of credit and needed to look at alternative funding options and has found a good home with Amerifi for over a year now. It’s relationships like these with returning clients that Amerifi prides itself on building a foundation for a brighter future!

Working with the same clients year after year providing better solutions that our competitors is what separates Amerifi from the pack. We simply deliver the results our clients are in need of & fast, without all the corporate red tape!

With just shy of $1.1 Million funded in the first 2 days of October, Amerifi is off to it’s best start to a month since inception!