Same-Day Funding for Insurance Brokerage – $200,000!

Congratulations Maurice Haughton of Amerifi, LLC for securing $200,000 for the Insurance Industry!

Typically, Insurance Brokerages, & most brokerage firms for that matter, are a restricted Industry for most banks and alternative lenders. This makes it extremely difficult to obtain financing for their industry.

Amerifi, LLC prides itself in getting the difficult deals done with it’s vast resources and years of expertise in the industry. Many companies turn to Amerifi to raise capital from $50k to as much as $20mm credit facilities.

Our client needed this $200,000 to complete an acquisition of another brokerage’s firms complete book of business. This was a tremendous opportunity for our client to capitalize on which with 2019 projections will double the companies revenues.

Amerifi, LLC was able to secure the $200,000 and actually fund this deal the very same day the contracts were requested. No personal guarantee and no confession of judgement were required!

Amerifi continues to establish itself as one of the top firms in the industry by providing America’s Businesses with low interest subordinated Lines of credit, multi year term loans, accounts receivables financing & much more. Offering secured & unsecured options!!

Edward DeAngelis

I'm the founder and CEO of Amerifi. I've been building businesses for three decades in Philadelphia's Delaware Valley. My teams and I have secured more than $150 million in funding for America's businesses since 2013.

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