Same-Day Funding: $450,000 for Commercial Roofing Contractor

Congratulations to Domenic Nardini securing and funding $450,000 to a $35mm revenue Commercial Roofing Contractor!

This deal was funded as a short term bridge for 6 months. Client has a few million dollars in A/R being delayed from work done for hurricane relief down south. Payments have been delayed more than a few months now, causing the need for this bridge.

Funds were secured within 1-2 days from application received and the $450,000 was wired the same day we received the signed contract.

No personal guarantee was necessary, and no UCC was even filed on the business.

Amerifi specializes in Contractor Financing & situations like this that sometimes require tailored structuring to meet the needs of the business.

In this case, it was requested by the client to not have any UCC filed on the business and the request was granted to help facilitate this transaction.

Amerifi is currently working with this very same client to secure a more traditional asset based interest only line of credit for $3,000,000. Funds were needed immediately for this client before year end due to a major back up in the companies A/R (Accounts receivables) so Amerifi needed to act quickly and efficiently.