Rapid Growth! Great for Business or a Risk to Stability?

Amerifi CEO Edward DeAngelis secures and delivers $600,000 in financing to the Consulting Industry. 

Our client, a three time returning customer, experienced +50% year over year growth for the last few years. Climbing past revenues of $20 million at an accelerated pace.

Rapid growth like this is great for company moral, proof of concept, and business development. However, rapid growth also means that budgets and operating expenses can rapidly change. If financials are not monitored carefully or things change quickly, the stability of their cash-flow can be at risk. In the case of this client, the frequent demand for their services dwindled their budget as they attempted to keep up with the needs of the market by spending more.

Initially, they sought out a bank for help, as most businesses do. They were declined as banks typically shy away from this type of growth. Stable growth shows less risk when looking at the long-term health of a business, while rapid growth puts a question mark on if the client can handle the success over time. This often leaves many successful companies with minimal options to secure additional capital to grow their business. 

Luckily, Amerifi was able to step in and fill that void. We specialize in providing capital for those growing so fast, they are as we like to say “going broke.” Banks often just look at the tangibles when providing loan options and cannot see past the numbers. Growth like this poses a red flag for banks when they see a company’s capital needs exceed the hard asset collateral coverage they are able to pose. Fortunately for them, Amerifi looks at the whole story including the company’s vision, and their track record of success. Our network of lenders with flexible programs allow us to overcome this “red flag” and secure affordable solutions. We delivered a $600,000 facility, which allowed our client to continue growth and expansion without regressing progress due to cash-flow problems.

This client tremendously helped Amerifi’s marketing and operation efforts. We recently invested in new technology to enhance our internal infrastructure and grow our brand. We consulted them for their expertise with Salesforce and Pardot. Their expertise created great returns for us and we will continue to recommend their services to our network.

Amerifi’s reputation throughout the industry as a “Trusted Resource” securing the lowest cost finance solutions for business owners across America speaks for itself. 

To learn more about securing the capital needed to make your business dreams a reality please www.amerifi.com.