Amerifi’s Chamir Shivers Bridges the Gap: $422,000 for Manufacturer Caught in Government Shutdown

The government shut-down which ran from December 22- January 25 cost the United States economy $11 billion dollars according to Forbes. In the grand scheme of things, the impact is a miniscule piece of the trillion dollar economic pie. However, delayed government spending affected the private sector enough to put small businesses at risk of financial danger.

The aftermath of the shut-down left one, Radio system design and manufacturer in trouble as their revenues declined from the lack of government purchase orders. While, the month long shutdown did not put this manufacturer out of business, cash-flow became increasingly tight. Between operating expenses, paying off vendors, and making payroll it was pertinent that this Radio manufacture secured additional funds to keep the business afloat.

Since traditional bank loans were out of the question from a 20% loss in 2016-2017, our client needed to seek out the next affordable solution.This is when Amerifi delivered when we were needed the most. Chamir Shivers of Amerifi stepped in and facilitated a $422,000 bridge loan with no personal guarantee! Our client now has the capital in place to surpass last year’s revenue of $7.5 million in 2019