More July Fireworks From Amerifi – $400,000 for Molecular Diagnostics

Delivering Funding To The Medical Industry Time & Time Again!!!

Congratulations John Drum securing & funding 400,000 to a $15mm southern based medial laboratory!

The client is a state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics laboratory dedicating itself to providing personalized medicine, patient care & many other services.

The company was in major growth mode picking up a few very large client contracts for 2018. Funding for this firm was needed fast & was very challenging with the banks due to a multiple shareholder company structure. The operating CEO has less than 15% ownership along with the next in line with less than 5%. Traditional banks require a personal guarantee on their loan products.

This issue here was with such a limited % of ownership shares, no one was willing to, nor wanting to sign personally for the $400,000. Very understandable considering the circumstances.

This is where Amerifi stepped in. Amerifi, with it’s industry experience & creativity was able to structure the deal so that the guarantees in the agreement were performance based and not personal, therefore the client is not pledging or putting his personal assets at risk in the event the company should default.

We do this simply with a corporate resolution document that basically states “The CEO of the company Mr.John Doe has the authority to take on debt on behalf of the company”

Amerifi specializes in complicated deals where the traditional banks tend to pump the brakes and shy away for various reasons. Amerifi’s team of experienced professional are able to tailor structured, transparent, affordable solutions to fit our clients needs.