Same Day Funding: $325,000 Delivered to Transportation + Logistics

Congratulations to senior funding manager Domenic Nardini securing and funding $325,000 in funds the very same day.

Funds were delivered to a $40+mm revenue, 30+ years in business, family owned Transportation-Logistics company.

This was a 4th position- 6 month cash advance bridge to get through the holiday season. Our client came to us with 3 large advances already in place & 2 current offers from other brokers in hand, looking for the very best deal and needing funds the very same day for operations & Payroll.

Amerifi, doing what we do best, went fast to work to secure the most amount of money and best term available (at 4th position) using it’s vast resources & was able to make it happen and win the deal despite being in the heavy competition.

We thrive in the times of need for our customers continuously delivering the absolute best solutions available in the market today. “We are as good as our resources” says CEO Edward DeAngelis, as Amerifi continuously diversifies the companies product lines making Amerifi a force to be reckoned within the alternative lending industry.

Clients typically turn to Amerifi when they have a line of credit with the bank that is maxed out or they are unable to get a bank loan due to credit, time in business, insufficient collateral, and many other reasons the banks decline close to 90% of applicants. Our clients may have an immediate need for cash to meet payroll, pay off a tax lien, gap late receivables, may be experiencing rapid growth, purchase equipment, inventory or have an opportunity that they can take advantage of with fast cash…. This is where Amerifi delivers!