$300,000 In Two Days for Fashion Retailer With No Personal Guarantee

Congratulations Rolando Juarez securing and funding $300,000 to a $20mm Revenue, Retail & Wholesale Apparel Distributor. This fashion brand distributes its product to major departments stores across the country & has been showcased on many runways around the world.

In 2017 the line was suddenly dropped by one of its largest dept store clients causing immediate critical cash flow issues & an even more significant issue, a $2mm loss on 2017’s return & a big loss year to date as well.

When servicing major dept stores you are manufacturing and producing millions of dollars in inventory upfront so you are ready to stock before the seasons change.

This cancelled contract caused our client to be left with approx 4-$5mm in inventory sitting for a few months (While the negotiations begin). This caused major backlog with Accounts payables so much that the factories were threatening to hold and not ship orders for our client until they received some form of payment.

They maxed their bank line and are working on an increase. Amerifi stepped in with a $300,000 bridge in 48 hours. No personal guarantee was necessary!